Welcome to the official website for the 4th Annual Intermountain PreMed & Pre-PA Conference hosted by Utah Valley University's Premed and Pre-PA Clubs and the UVU Center for Pre-Professional Development. The conference is designed to provide current and future premed and pre-PA students from the intermountain area with workshops and information that will assist them in their pursuit of becoming successful physicians or PAs. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with medical school representatives, hear from local, top-rated physicians and PAs, and attend workshops about a variety of topics including changes in healthcare, specialties, getting started in premed, and the application process.



The conference is designed to provide information and networking opportunities with medical and PA schools. Learn what it takes to become a competitive applicant and see what medical and PA schools are looking for.

The conference is also an opportunity for you to increase your understanding about the lives and professions of healthcare professionals so you can be well prepared as you move towards your goal of being a physician or a PA.



Attending this conference provides a cost effective way to advertise your school to a large geographical area. Over 400 premed students attended in years past and we anticipate growth for this years conference as well. Medical and PA school applicants from the intermountain region, which includes Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, traditionally have high academic and moral standards. Many are fluent in a foreign language, have diverse cultural experiences, and are actively involved in service to their communities. 

There is no charge for you to have a booth at the conference for one or both days.

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